About Us


Tsuki [つき] translates to the word 'Moon' in Japanese. Our beautiful moon is the true beacon of light when the world turns cold and dark.

A combination of ethereal light and darkness, with a flare for manga, swords, and Japanese culture. Tsuki Blade was created as a symbol to reflect that with darkness and pain, there is also courage and light. In everything, there is balance. Dark and light. Good and bad. Sentient moon and deathly blade.

Created in the UK June 2021 by Luna Wvlf. 

Now operating with offices in Southampton, UK and FL, USA. 

Tsuki Blade LLC is owned and managed by Luna, with the helping hands of Geena, Sofia, Amy, Anoushka, Annalise, and Klara to assist in creating beautiful glistening jewelry.

 We are a small business with a passion for self expression, and confidence boosting badassery.