*** Our current dispatch times are 4-10 days ***

✧ What does PRE-ORDER mean? ✧

Items that are listed for PRE-ORDER means that we currently do not hold any stock for this item and are working on our next restock. Pre-ordered items will get priority and have their shipments sent as soon as the item is back in stock. 

Please note that if you have ordered in-stock items with pre-ordered items, we will ship all of your items together once the pre-order items are available.

✧ If I order a PRE-ORDER item, will my whole order be delayed? ✧

We do not currently have a system set in place to ship orders separately if they include both pre-order and in stock items. Unfortunately, the whole order will be delayed until the pre-order item is back in stock, and they will all be shipped together. 

If you need your other items quickly, we would recommend placing your pre-order separately so your in stock items can ship within our regular processing times.

✧ My tracking number hasn't updated, why? ✧

We print all of our labels in batches and create items to in order of the date placed. It can take us up to 3 days to get through each batch, and then another 24 hours to allow for parcel drop-offs and for the tracking to update. 

If your order hasn't updated within 5 business days, please reach out to us via email or on our online chat.

✧ Where do you ship from? ✧ 

 Our offices are in Southampton, UK and Orlando FL, USA. 

All EU and UK orders are shipped from our UK location, everything else is shipped from our USA location.
✧ What are your shipping rates? ✧
Flat Rate Tracked: $4.99 USD
Flat Rate Tracked: $11.49 CAD
Flat Rate Tracked: £2.99 GBP
Flat Rate Tracked:  €6.99 EUR
Flat Rate Tracked: $11.99 USD
✧ Can I cancel my order? ✧

 If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us by email within 48hr of your order being placed. If your email is sent beyond 48hr or we have already dispatched your items, we will not be able to cancel your order. 

 ✧ Do you offer product customization? 

We regret that we do not offer customizations of wearable sizes or designs at the moment. The only customization we offer is for chain products, such as chokers and harnesses. If you require a size that is unlisted, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

 ✧ Are your products hypoallergenic? 

 While many of our products are nickel-free, allergies, if any, differ from person to person and therefore may require customized recommendations. Kindly do drop us a message through the site chat bar, or by email, should you have any questions pertaining to your allergies, the products you’re interested in and our customer care team will be happy to guide you through your selection process!

 ✧ How do I take care of my jewelry? 

Our Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel pieces are completely waterproof.

- To avoid scratches, wrap the jewelry you have in a soft cloth after cleaning or keep it/them in a jewelry box separate from other types of jewelry.

✧ How should I store my jewelry? 

Store your jewelry individually, separate from other metals and away from heat and humidity. Desiccant packets can also be used to further absorb any access moisture.

To prevent accidental scratches from forming, you can also keep your jewelry in a felt pouch or wrap it in a lint-free cloth or jewelry cleaning cloth.

✧ I ordered the wrong size, can I return it and get a different one? 

We accept returns only if the item is unworn and in it's original condition. We also apply a 15% restock fee to any returns and do not cover the postage fees.

✧ My jewelry has tarnished, can I exchange it for a new one? 

All jewelry, with the exception of certain pure metals such as titanium, will tarnish over time. This is a natural result of metals reacting with oxygen and moisture in the environment. To give our customers the best quality at a safe and affordable price, our team has worked hard with our partners to create safe protective coatings for our jewelry to slow down the rate of tarnishing for our products.

If your item has developed signs of severe tarnishing within your first month of receiving the item, please reach out to us with your order details and pictures. Our team will be happy to send a replacement to you following investigations into the cause of the tarnishing.

If you’d like to further increase the lifespan of your products, you can purchase anti-tarnish strips and/or store your jewelry away from water sources and natural materials that trap moisture. Do also keep your jewelry dry and away from sunlight.

As much as possible, please keep your jewelry away from water, perfumes, creams, or other liquids as these substances may increase the rate of tarnishing.

✧ What is Sterling Silver? 

Sterling silver, also called 925 silver, is the highest grade of silver that is used in jewelry. The number ‘925’ is derived from the metal consisting of 92.5% pure silver. As pure silver is extremely soft, it is often alloyed with other metals to improve its durability.

Most sterling silver is nickel-free, making it a great choice for people with nickel sensitivity.

✧ I ordered to the wrong address, what can I do? ✧

If it is still within 24 hours of placing your order, and we have not yet dispatched your order, please email us or drop us a message through the site with your new address. The quicker you can contact us, the better! Make sure to include your order number so we can solve the problem as soon as possible.

If we have already dispatched your item, unfortunately there is not much we can do. 

Please ensure you have double-checked your delivery address before placing your order to inhibit future disappointment. 

✧ My item arrived but I had to pay a fee. Why? ✧

It is customary for all orders in EU to pay customs fees on orders which are distributed from outside the EU since Friday, 31 January 2020. Since we distribute our products from the UK, our parcels must pass through customs to get into the EU safely, which costs a fee for those who handle the package etc. Since we are a small business, we cannot fund the large-scale trading license for EU to skip customs, as this is only available for marketplaces. Unfortunately we have no way around this fee. We hope you understand. 

✧ I am ordering as a Christmas gift, when should I order? ✧

Christmas is the busiest time of year for us, and we are working around the clock to ensure pieces are arriving in a timely manner and in tip top shape. It is best to order as soon as you can, as deliveries can be delayed and dispatch times are up to 7 days. Items may also become out of stock. It would be safest to order before December 5th to ensure your gift arrives in time, especially if you are outside of the UK.


 Any other questions? Drop us a message through the site chat box, or send us an email at Info@tsukiblade.co ✧ ✧ ✧