Here at Tsuki Blade, our main goal is to bring an elevated confidence to ALL of our beautiful customers. We try our best to create as many options as we can so our jewelry can be worn by anyone. All of our items are unisex and can be embraced by either feminine, or masculine.
Most importantly, we know all bodies are different, so we have created modifications our customers can choose from so they can have a custom piece of jewelry tailored to them at an affordable price.
 Neckwear: Most of our chokers are adjustable, and we now offer customizable necklace styles.
Earrings: We pride ourselves on having 4 earring types to choose from for most of our earrings! (Excluding Onyx color earrings) This includes different materials and different piercing types, for those who have allergies or stretched ears. We also offer Clip-Ons for those who are unpierced.
Our harnesses are also made to order with custom fitting. We offer two available sizes for the torso, ranging from 32 inch to 46 inches.
Our Earring Types:
(from left to right)

Studs: Made with stainless steel, and come with both steel and rubber backings. Simple and minimal, perfect for stacking or everyday looks.
Hooks: Made from 925 sterling silver, and come with rubber backings. Visually appear like a fishing hook.
Stainless Steel Clicker Hoops: Perfect for stretched ears (tunnels) or a bolder earring look. Large and in charge, perfect for statement earrings and dangles.
Clip Ons: Appear just like regular hoops, and are also made from stainless steel. These are faux earrings and do not require a piercing hole.


If there are any modifications you feel are missing for us, please drop us an email at:
We are always happy to hear your feedback and opinions.
Thank you so much for choosing us to empower you.